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The Pristine Programme

  • In response to the long standing historical deficiencies associated with manual handling (also one of the biggest causes of injury in industry), we develop bespoke programmes which provide a solution. Not only are we unique but we let our results speak for themselves.


    We provide a flexible, multi-facetted approach looking at manual handling from the point of view of the human body. We reduce the pressure on the body in the real world, increasing its efficiency. People can physically feel the difference it makes every day. They therefore buy into our principles, and exchange old (bad) habits for new.  Our approach guarantee’s positive results and our programmes can deliver an ongoing 100% reduction in manual handling accidents and incidents…proven!


    The Problem

    Historical failings with manual handling in industry
    The human body’s failings

    Lack of knowledge, confusion, lost time, productivity and buy in, resulting in numerous LTA’s, decline in health and morale, enormous cost to industry.


    The Challenge

    Our challenge was to firstly address the long standing industry failings that we recognised.  Secondly, use our expertise in:-


    • Anatomy – allowing us to determine the impact of our body’s failings within the work place
    • Olympic Weight Lifting and conditioning – allowing us to give a new perspective to industry
    • Unique delivery – from the best trainers in the world

  • Our involvement begins with a visit that enables us to get to grips with your manual handling issues in-situ via the anatomical eye. We then provide a detailed risk assessment with mid / long term recommendations.



    Our programmes will be formatted in accordance with your logistics and budgets; delivering realistic and achievable principles in a fun, memorable style. They will:


    • Be pitched at the appropriate level
    • Address industry and the body’s failings
    • Dispel long standing myths and fallacies
    • Apply relevant principles to any working situation
    • Hands on, job specific practical training at the coal face


    Our various programmes include:


    • A full training course with a Pristine Condition trainer
    • ‘On the job’ training for minimal impact on your business
    • Train the trainer


    Bespoke supporting material for training includes:


    • Media production DVD’s
    • Comprehensive presenter packs
    • Safe operational practices
    • A variety of publication material

  • Our training alone creates an outstanding level of staff buy in. Typically, this achieves between 30 – 50% reductions in manual handling related injuries. The full programme has demonstrated that many of our clients have actually sustained a 100% reduction.


    Statistics like these are evidence of behavioural change, and we can successfully attribute that to our unique behavioural change tool that transforms bad habits into good. We achieve this by a process of ‘Root Cause Analysis’, which takes accident investigation to the next level by determining the true cause of Manual Handling accidents purely anatomically. This process removes all conjecture, and suggests steps that can be taken to avoid such incidents in the future.


    Ongoing Sustainability

    This is achieved through our ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ approach which includes:


    • The Pristine Advisory Service – we are always here to assist and support in any way we can via the telephone, email, or in person. We have a rapid response team
    • A variety of bespoke refresher programmes – No need for full re-training (therefore little or no down time)
    • Engagement sessions – tailored sessions designed for all levels of staff, individuals or group, including associations, federations and oversees bodies
    • Consultancy – covers new equipment or re-design of existing, workstation layout / restrictions
    • Support with HSE or Local authority intervention
    • Individual Capability Assessments


  • Our programmes are specific, budgeted to your needs, guaranteeing results and it has been quoted ‘this training paid for itself 10 times over’ so costs are more like savings!


    Ongoing Costs

    Our aim is to leave you 95% self sufficient with our full back up and support. But that doesn’t mean on-going costs. Many of our clients benefit from maintenance programmes undertaken by phone at agreed intervals – Free of Charge!